Introducing: Vivotec Health Systems by Crestline
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Vivotec - Equipment and Disinfecting consumables for your protection.
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Safeguarding our Industries. Protecting our Economy.
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Vivotec helps to create safe workspaces
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How clean and how safe is your space?
Protecting health with superior sanitisation technology

An Introduction to Vivotec

We are now critically aware of the threat to our health from deadly viral and pathogenic organisms and are having to take protective measures that were unimaginable just a year ago.

We could see that infection prevention solutions were not evolving to meet the rapidly escalating situation brought about by the Coronavirus outbreak, and as a family we wanted to do our bit to help New Zealand businesses get back on their feet and for their staff to have the reassurance that they were returning to a safe workspace.

Despite promising advances in vaccine development, many health professionals expect that this global threat to our health will continue into the foreseeable future.

While everyone’s focus currently is on COVID-19, it is also important to remember that this virus is only one of many infectious diseases.

The influenza A (H1N1) Swine Flu pandemic of 2009-2010 infected as many as 1.4 million people and is estimated to have caused between 100,000 and 400,000 deaths in the first year alone.

Every year, seasonal influenza infects one in four people, and in New Zealand accounts for over 30,000 G.P visits, 2000 hospitalisations and an estimated 500 deaths.

In November 2020, the Auckland Public Health Service responded to 29 Norovirus outbreaks, of which 21 were at early learning centres, with 64 staff and 280 children becoming unwell.

In many cases these infections are spread unwittingly. Around 80% of Flu cases are asymptomatic carriers who could have spread the virus among their family, co-workers, classmates and patients without ever realising it.

The annual cost to New Zealand businesses through absenteeism due to illness is immense, with Business NZ/ Southern Cross studies showing an absent employee typically costs their employer around $1000 a year.  In 2018, the average absence level of 4.7 days per employee amounted to an estimated 7.4 million workdays lost, and direct costs of absenteeism amounting to $1.79 billion.

Simple sanitising protocols involving regular cleaning and disinfecting with effective broad spectrum disinfectants have been proven to significantly reduce the risk of infection from these Flu virus’s and many other infectious pathogens.

No one wants another lockdown – lets work together to keep New Zealand safe, healthy, and happy!

How clean and safe is your space?

Every organisation now has a heightened responsibility to protect staff and visitors.

In addition to normal basic housekeeping cleanliness, the need to disinfect frequently touched surfaces has been highlighted as a crucial step in infection prevention.  This is typically done by traditional spray and wipe methods, and while this is better than nothing, it has limitations. It only reaches around 25% of surfaces even if done thoroughly. The thoroughness with which it is done is difficult to monitor as it is dependent on the individual doing the job. Wipe down practices with rags and mops has the risk of cross contamination, potentially spreading the disease, particularly if the disinfectant is applied too sparingly to remain on the surface for sufficient time to be effective.  For disinfecting to be effective in high use areas it needs to be done frequently. With use of Vivotecs efficient, time saving technologies, cost of staff time or contract labour can be significantly reduced, keeping everyone safe at lower cost.


It is important to understand misting or fogging of disinfectants is not a replacement for normal cleaning protocols but is rather a supplementary process to ensure effective disinfection of all surfaces.

Tests show the application of disinfectants and biocides via fine droplet misting or fogging significantly reduces the number of infectious pathogens because it is pervasive and reaches otherwise unwiped surfaces. Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) cold fogging spraying technology is proven to provide much more effective application for large areas. Disinfectants are dispersed as a fine mist or aerosol of micro droplets of 5-50 microns that float in the air for around 10 minutes after application, reaching the most inaccessible areas where conventional wiping and mopping or spraying cannot reach.

Electrostatic spraying is an advancement on ULV fogging, with the fine electrostatically charged mist being attracted to surfaces, providing a more localised, targeted application of disinfectant, with reduced airborne mist.

Vivotec’s TGA registered NANOCYN disinfectant is a revolutionary disinfectant engineered for the war against pathogens. Utilising MICROSAFE's original, patented biotechnology, it is the worlds first and only shelf stable electrolysed super-oxidated water solution. Produced from 100% natural ingredients, NANOCYN is a highly effective yet non-toxic and environmentally safe disinfectant, certified as providing a rapid 15 sec kill time against COVID and other pathogens while being harmless to the user, the environment, and all surfaces.

Regarded by industry experts as the ‘silver bullet’ of disinfectants, NANOCYN is the benchmark for infection control with the technology backed globally by over 30 clinical studies and it has earned numerous international accreditation's and endorsements proving its efficacy, personal safety, and environmental integrity.

NANOCYN is the first and only Disinfectant that is GECA environmentally certified while also being entered into the Australian TGA-ARTG as a registered, Hospital Grade Disinfectant approved to kill SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) in just 15 seconds.

You cannot put a price on peace of mind.

Advantages of fogging machines vs traditional cleaning methods

• The broad coverage mist covers the entire area being treated leaving no surface without disinfectant.

• Misting removes the risk of cleaning personnel inadvertently missing a surface.

• No risk of cross contamination as it is a touchless process with no rags, wipes, or mops.

• 70% faster application than traditional spraying significantly reduces labour cost – e.g. disinfect a bus interior in minutes with handheld mister, or disinfect 3000+m2/hour of interior space with cordless electric backpack unit.

⦁ Fine mist dispersion reduces disinfectant use by over 65% compared to conventional spraying methods

⦁ Provides all surface disinfection not only against Covid, but other contact pathogens like common flu and bacterial infections such as Staphylococcus, C. diff, and E. coli

⦁ With correct application ULV fogging and electrostatic spraying causes no dripping or spraying stains.

⦁ Micro droplets allow foggers/electrostatic sprayers to be used around standard office equipment such as laptops, desktops, keyboards and monitors with little cleanup required

⦁ Gives you peace of mind knowing you have protectively done all you can.

What you need to know...

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