Gyms / Sports Facilities

Keeping your members safe, happy, and healthy.

Gyms and sports facilities owe it to their members and staff to provide a clean and infection free environment that promotes good health.

While every gym will have cleaning protocols, they may not always be the most thorough, or the most cost effective and time efficient.

    Vivotec Solution:

    Vivotec’s range of electrostatic misters and ULV foggers coupled with fast acting disinfectants provide a rapid an effective means of regularly sanitising to provide a clean, odour free exercise environment.
    Misting is a contactless method of disinfecting, greatly reducing the risk of infection for staff, and reduces the time required to disinfect a typical area by approx. 70% compared to traditional spraying and wiping, while also providing much more complete coverage with 65% less disinfectant use, greatly reducing labour and consumable costs.


    Equipment Recommendation:

    • Due to the low amount of airborne mist, Electrostatic sprayers are the best option for use where regular disinfection is performed between sessions of use of the equipment, and other people may be present during the process. Electrostatic misting also has a 3D wrap around effect giving all around coverage of items such as hand grips, dumbbells, kettle bells etc without having to spray or wipe from multiple different angles to get coverage as with traditional methods
    • The VP200ES Cordless Electrostatic hand-held sprayer is the perfect solution for disinfecting of equipment after every use. Being cordless and easy to use, the device can be located at a central station and a staff member can simply spray down a weight bench of cardio machine in seconds following use, and after leaving the disinfectant to dry for a couple of minutes, the equipment will be contamination free and ready for use again.
    • The Vivo- DIGIPRO Cordless is also suitable for this purpose, but as ULV foggers produce more airborne mist than electrostatic spraying, it is necessary to ensure there is sufficient distance between equipment to ensure other members aren’t in the spray area when disinfecting.

    Disinfectant Recommendation:

    With increased disinfecting protocols, some clubs are experiencing issues with chemicals damaging console screens, paintwork, plastics etc. To eliminate the risk of voiding the warranty it is essential correct disinfectants are used.

    • Nanocyn is the only disinfectant rated as 100% safe to use on all surfaces. Nanocyn has been tested and approved by Life Fitness and is the recommended 'warranty approved' disinfectant for use on their equipment.
    • Vivotec’s Klorsept NaDCC is ideal for disinfecting non-technical items such as weights, mats, ropes etc. The effervescent tablets provide a very effective, fast acting, yet economical and easy to use solution which doesn’t require special measuring or mixing procedures – simply add the required number of tablets per litre of tap water, let them dissolve for a few minutes then you’re ready to go.
    • Oxivir AHP wipes provide an added defence against infection, and are ideal for quickly wiping down customer frequent contact points such as counters, eftpos terminals etc