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Getting there safely.

With Coronavirus and other viral pathogens known to live for days on surfaces such as stainless steel, plastics and other such hard surfaces, there is potential for infection from shared spaces such as Trains, Buses, Taxis, Shuttle services, Ferries, Charter vessels etc.
Other potential sources of contamination are camper vans, rental cars and shared company vehicles.
Service centres and Collision repair services, involved in servicing and repair of motor vehicles also have a responsibility to ensure the safety of their staff and clients, with best practice methods involving disinfection on receipt and return of the vehicle.

Traditional methods of disinfecting high touch areas by spraying and wiping are inefficient and typically only reach 25% of areas of possible contamination and are simply not practical for larger areas such train carriages, buses or ferry interiors.

Vivotec Solution

Vivotec’s range of Electrostatic misters and ULV foggers coupled with fast acting disinfectants provide a rapid an effective means of wide area, full coverage sanitising of all interior surfaces.
Disinfectant misting reduces the time required to disinfect a typical area by approx with 70% compared to traditional spraying and wiping, while also providing much more complete coverage with 65% less disinfectant use greatly reducing labour and consumable costs.

Equipment Recommendation:

  • The VP200ES Cordless Electrostatic hand-held sprayer and Vivo- DIGIPRO Cordless are perfect for onsite disinfecting of smaller spaces and vehicles such as taxis, camper vans, rental cars etc, and for service agents disinfecting customers vehicles before and after servicing/repair. The VP200 also comes in a versatile soft side carry bag for added convenience and to protect it against damage during transport or storage, making it a great choice for carrying onboard long-haul buses/shuttle services, ferries, boats etc.
  • The VP300ES cordless electrostatic backpack sprayer or the VIVO-MAX / VIVO-DUOMAX ULV foggers are the best option for larger scale disinfection of multiple train carriages, larger vessels and ferries, and maintenance base situations where multiple buses, campervans etc are to be disinfected.
  • The mains powered VIVO-ECO and VIVO-DIGIPRO ULV foggers are also suitable for use where the risk of tripping hazard from power leads can be minimised, such as service centre cleaning bays etc.

Disinfectant Recommendation:

  • Due to their non-toxic nature, AHP and NaDCC disinfectants are safe for application around people and applicator PPE is not required, unless there is high concentration of airborne mist, in which case respiratory protection is desirable to avoid possible nasal irritation.

    Important Note: To avoid tarnishing or streaking, AHP & NaDCC are not recommended for use on brass, copper, marble, exposed raw steel/cast iron or zinc coatings. See data sheet for full materials compatibility. 

  • For more sensitive areas such as vehicle interiors, Oxivir AHP is the better option, with no scent or residue/streaking on shiny surfaces as can sometimes occur with Klorsept at the higher COVID-19 dilution rate (note the slight Klorsept residue can easily be wiped of and may not be an issue in more commercial situations such as ferries, train carriages, buses, etc.)
  • Vivotec’s Klorsept NaDCC is ideal for broad coverage applications such as train carriages and ferry interiors. The effervescent tablets provide a very effective, fast acting, yet economical and easy to use solution which doesn’t require special measuring or mixing procedures – simply add the required number of tablets per litre of tap water, let them dissolve for a few minutes then you’re ready to go