Office Spaces

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While the modern office space with Agile working and hot-desking etc are great for collaboration and team cohesion, they can also become a rapidly evolving transmission point for not only high profile diseases like COVID-19, but a wide range of other infectious pathogens such as Salmonella, E. coli, Campylobacter and Staphylococcus aureus to viruses like norovirus, colds and flu.
The common cold Rhinovirus along with influenza are the main reasons the majority of our population misses work each year, with an average of one person in four contracting the flu, and approx. 80% being asymptomatic and spreading it to co-workers without ever realising it.

Potential contamination from other bacteria and viruses is also more common than you might think, with a study by hygiene provider Rentokil Initial finding that 1 in 4 office workers do not wash their hands after using the toilet.

Studies have also shown the office desk is one of the least hygienic places in the office, harbouring 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat, placing the desk in the ‘very high’ category for infection risk. Also in this category, with 3,000 micro-organisms per square inch, is the keyboard, and mouse with 1,600 bacteria per square inch. This is particularly true if they are shared in hot desk situations where microbiological activity has been found to be 18% higher than single user situations.

Other high risk areas are common touch points such as door handles, lift buttons, light switches, meeting room remotes and table surfaces, and lunchrooms.

The annual cost to New Zealand businesses through absenteeism due to illness is immense, with an estimated 7.4 million workdays lost, and direct costs of absenteeism amounting to $1.79 billion.

Vivotec Solution:

Regularly cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces like door knobs, light switches, desks, tables and chairs, lunchroom benches and furniture, meeting rooms and collaborative spaces, shared equipment and resources, keyboards, gym equipment, lockers etc significantly reduces infection risk.

Vivotec’s range of electrostatic misters and ULV foggers coupled with fast acting disinfectants provide a rapid an effective means of regularly sanitising to provide a clean, odour free working environment.

Misting is a contactless method of disinfecting, greatly reducing the risk of infection for staff, and reduces the time required to disinfect a typical area by approx 70% compared to traditional spraying and wiping, while also providing much more complete coverage with 65% less disinfectant use, greatly reducing labour and consumable costs.

Using the high capacity cordless backpack models, approx. 3000m2 of office/building space can be effectively disinfected in an hour.

Equipment Recommendation:

  • The VP200ES Cordless Electrostatic hand-held sprayer and Vivo- DIGIPRO Cordless are perfect for fast and easy regular disinfecting of smaller spaces such as meeting rooms, reception counters, lunchroom counters & furniture, and high contact areas such as elevators etc. Also suitable for end of day entire workspace disinfecting for offices up to 500m2. The VP200 comes in a versatile soft side carry bag for convenient storage. Disinfectant coverage of approx. 260m2 per 1L tank fill.
  • the VP300ES cordless electrostatic backpack sprayer or the VIVO-MAX / VIVO-DUOMAX ULV foggers are the best option for start/end of day disinfection of larger scale offices and canteen areas, with a disinfectant coverage of over 2200m2 per tank fill.
  • The mains powered VIVO-ECO and VIVO-DIGIPRO ULV foggers are also suitable for use where the risk of tripping hazard from power leads can be minimised.

Disinfectant Recommendation:

Due to their non-toxic nature, AHP and NaDCC disinfectants are safe for application around people and applicator PPE is not required, unless there is high concentration of airborne mist, in which case respiratory protection is desirable to avoid possible nasal irritation.

Important Note: To avoid surface tarnishing or streaking, AHP & NaDCC are not recommended for use on brass, copper, marble, exposed raw steel/cast iron or zinc coatings. See data sheet for full materials compatibility.

  • Oxivir AHP disinfectant and wipes as used by NASA in the International Space Station, are also perfectly suited to office and other interior use, having the lowest EPA toxicity rating available, breaking down into oxygen and water minutes after application, leaving no residue or odour.
  • For larger areas such as gyms, locker rooms, warehouse areas etc, Vivotecs Klorsept NaDCC disinfectant is an ideal solution. The effervescent tablets provide a very effective, fast acting, yet economical and easy to use solution which doesn’t require special measuring or mixing procedures – simply add the required number of tablets per litre of tap water, let them dissolve for a few minutes then you’re ready to go.