An introduction to next generation infection control – Electrostatic Misting

Electrostatic misting is regarded as the ultimate touchless disinfection system, This technology takes ULV fogging to the next level. The sprayer adds a positive charge to the mist, which when sprayed at negatively charged surface (most surfaces are either negative or neutral), rather than floating in the air, the charged particles will have an attraction up to 75 times that of gravity and will be attracted to the surface and wrap around it, encapsulating it with 3D coverage. This process allows greater coverage with less passes, making it 70% faster while using 65% less chemical than traditional sprayers.

Added advantages of Electrostatic mist spraying over ULV fogging:

• With electrostatically charged mist particles being attracted to surfaces and wrapping around them, airborne mist is minimised reducing need for PPE gear, and allows for use in occupied areas. Risk of triggering fire alarm sensors is also greatly reduced. The minimal airborne mist also allows fast turnaround and re-occupation of confined spaces, with major Airlines using this technology to sanitise aircraft cabins between flights.

• Pump driven mister provides much quieter operation than high pressure fan-driven ULV machines

• Handheld electrostatic lighter and more compact than equivalent UVL fogger, making it easy to use for anyone without requiring shoulder straps etc.

• Handheld electrostatic sprayer has inbuilt LED light to aid visibility of spraying zone.

• Small hand held units have very little overspray so can be used to disinfect small items such as door handles while the building is occupied.

• Handheld version comes with a heavy-duty carry case for convenient, safe storage and transport of sprayer kit.

• Cordless Backpack model provides efficient and broad coverage sanitisation of large areas such as construction sites, office interiors, classrooms/educational facilities, supermarkets, airports etc, making it a perfect choice for building service contractors and commercial cleaning operators.

This is patented technology and there is a global 4-month wait list, so ordering now is essential to secure from the next shipment.

An introduction to Victory Electrostatic Sprayers

Victory Innovations Cordless Electrostatic Sprayers are making headlines around the world and becoming the new standard in infection control.

Cordless electrostatic spraying technology brings new, 360-degree, touchless disinfection and sanitising capabilities to infection control operators, and reaches up to 3 x more surfaces in the same amount of time it would take with todays traditional sprayers and wipes.
Victory Electrostatic sprayers are being used for infection control in many situations by many institutions globally, including major airlines and other transportation operators, educational facilities, gyms, cruise ship operators, government departments, military, emergency services, healthcare facilities/Hospitals, rest homes and aged care facilities etc.