Agricultural Exporting - Cold Chain Foods

Exporting to China?

Chinese authorities have issued a directive stipulating the requirements for disinfection of cold chain food production and processing environments

The Prevention and control of new coronavirus in the production and operation of cold chain food Disinfection Guide outlines the requirements for disinfection of production facilities and outer packaging of any cold chain goods being exported to China.

China has taken measures to realize full-chain, closed-loop, traceable management of imported cold-chain foods to minimize importation risks of COVID-19, according to a plan released by the State Council joint prevention and control mechanism against COVID-19.

To effectively block the transmission of COVID-19 through imported cold-chain foods, complete disinfection of those products will be carried out while novel coronavirus tests will be conducted at the ports, according to the plan.

For imported cold-chain foods that test negative for the virus, the interiors of cold chain vans and the outer packaging of the foods should be disinfected before being transported. The foods that test positive for COVID-19 will be returned or destroyed.

The plan requires cold-chain logistics firms to strictly check customs clearance documents for imported cold-chain foods and disinfect vehicles, ships, and other transportation equipment. Workers who have direct contact with the foods should take protective measures.


Vivotec Solution:

Vivotec’s electrostatic sprayers coupled with fast acting disinfectants provide a rapid and effective means of disinfecting processing equipment and final packaged product/pallets.
Electrostatic spraying is a contactless method of disinfecting, greatly reducing the risk of infection for staff, and reduces the time required to disinfect a typical area by approx 70% compared to traditional spraying and wiping, while also providing much more complete coverage with 65% less disinfectant use, greatly reducing labour and consumable costs.

Equipment Recommendation:
  • Due to the low amount of airborne mist, Electrostatic sprayers are the best option for use where regular disinfection is required, and other people may be present during the process. Electrostatic misting also has a 3D wrap around effect giving better all around coverage of objects without having to spray or wipe from multiple different angles to get coverage as with traditional methods
  • The VP200ES Cordless Electrostatic hand-held sprayer is best suited to disinfecting smaller production/packing lines and lesser quantities of packaged goods. The VP200 comes in a versatile soft side carry bag  for added convenience and damage protection. Disinfectant coverage of approx. 260m2 per 1L tank fill.
  • For larger scale disinfecting of larger facilities and packaged consignments the VP300ES cordless electrostatic backpack sprayer is the better option, giving over 2200m2 of disinfectant coverage per 8.5L tank fill.

Disinfectant Recommendation:

Due to their non-toxic nature, Nanocyn, AHP and NaDCC disinfectants are safe for application around people and applicator PPE is not required, unless there is high concentration of airborne mist, in which case respiratory protection is desirable to avoid possible nasal irritation.

Important Note: To avoid surface tarnishing or streaking, AHP & NaDCC are not recommended for use on brass, copper, marble, exposed raw steel/cast iron or zinc coatings. See data sheet for full materials compatibility.


  • Nanocyn all natural, food safe, 100% non-toxic and environmentally safe, Nanocyn is the gold standard solution and safe for disinfecting all surfaces and materials. Nanocyn is a broad spectrum TGA registered Hospital grade disinfectant and kills 99.9999% or viruses and bacteria in 30 seconds, including MRSA, SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), and Norovirus. Being 100% Human safe it can be sprayed in occupied spaces and PPE is not required. The rapid 30 second contact time required for elimination of the COVID-19 virus makes this an ideal solution for application in cold storage environments, with effective disinfection achieved well inside typical freeze times.
  • Oxivir AHP disinfectant is another guideline compliant option having the lowest EPA toxicity rating available, breaking down into oxygen and water minutes after application, leaving no residue or odour. Five minute contact time makes this a better solution for cool storage applications rather than frozen goods.
  • For larger areas and higher volumes of pallets etc, Vivotecs Klorsept NaDCC disinfectant is a convenient and low cost option. The effervescent tablets provide a very effective, fast acting, yet economical and easy to use solution which doesn’t require special measuring or mixing procedures – simply add the required number of tablets per litre of tap water, let them dissolve for a few minutes then you’re ready to go. Five minute contact time required.